API Introduction

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The Uamplified API allows you to access your product and product data remotely via a convenient JSON API. You can use this to connect your Uamplified account with your own website, syncing your data as needed. All requests must be made over HTTPS and requires an API key to access.


Minimum Requirement

In order to use the Remote API, you must:
– Have an active request.st account
– Selected to enable the API with the product(s) you wish to access



In it’s current form, you can only request data from our servers. Each account has a limit of maximum 1000 requests per day and we only accept API calls over HTTPS. All other calls will be ignored.


Product API Keys

You can find your products API key in your app.request.st account. Simply visit the plugins “Options” page and look under the “Integration” tab. Make sure you select to “Enable API Access” to view your API key.

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