API v1 Error Codes

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The API will return an Error code and in some cases an error message if there was something wrong with your call. All uamplified API error codes are distinguishable by them always starting with a capital U followed by a three digit number. Note that these are errors related to the API and differ from regular Server Response Codes e.g. 404 file not found.


All requests must be made over HTTPS! All other calls are ignored by the service!


Error Categories

Code Description
U1XX Errors from 100 – 199 are related to the API service itself or the request.st network.
U2XX Errors from 200 – 299 are related to authentication.
U3XX Errors from 300 – 399 are related to your request.st account.
U4XX Errors from 400 – 499 are related to your query.

Example error response (JSON):

  "error": true,
  "code": "U203",
  "message": "Unknown Product API Key"
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