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The plugin is installed just like any other WordPress plugin and requires no special installation steps on your server. There are two ways you can install this plugin:


Automatic Installation (recommended)

Login to your WordPress website and go to your wp-admin area. If you are using Mutlisite, you will need to go to your Network Admin area instead.

Next, go to the Plugins page and select “Add New” in the left hand menu.

Here, type in “uamplified” in the search field (without the quotes) and a few moments after you typed, WordPress should update the list and show you the plugin.

Before installing, make sure the plugin is called “” and that you can see the plugin author as “uamplified”. Once you are certain you have the right plugin, click on the “Install Now” button.

Once the plugin has been downloaded and installed, the button will change to “Activate” or “Network Activate” on Multisite installations. Click to activate the plugin.

Once the page reloads, the plugin has been activated and is now ready to be setup.


Manual Installation

For advanced users or if you can not use the plugin search field in the wp-admin area, there is always the manual installation option.

First, go to the WordPress repository and download the plugin.

Unzip the plugin and upload the uamplified folder to your WordPress plugin folder. Note that the plugin does not support being placed in the Must Use Plugin folder on Multisite installations!

Once the folder has been uploaded to your wp-content/plugins/ folder, visit your websites wp-admin area and select to enable the plugin on the Plugins page.



Once the plugin is enabled, a new menu item will become available in your wp-admin area under “Settings” called “”. On this page, you can select to disable built in Widget styling or use an alternate cron for syncing your product data.

In order to do this, you need to connect your site with your uamplified product(s). First, you need to enter your site domain. This is the domain ending with Note that if you mapped your domain, this will not be the case!

Make sure you enter your domain and save before attempting to sync products. If you change your domain name at a later stage, you need to save the new one and the plugin will automatically attempt to sync the products to ensure they are still accessable.

Once saved, add in your products API Key and click “Validate”. If the key validates, the product data will be downloaded an the key saved. You can at any point select to “Sync” each product you have validated as needed.

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