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The plugin comes with a set of tools to help you manage your synced data along with helping you clean up your installation. You can find these tools on a dedicated “” page under “Tools” in your wp-admin area.


Tool: Clear Widget Cache

The data you show to your users on your website via Widgets, are by default cached. This way, you are not requesting data on every single page load, which could drastically reduce your servers load times!

This tool allows you to clear all cache which would then force the plugin to load a fresh set of data from the uamplified network.


Tool: Reschedule CRON Jobs

If you have re-installed WordPress or made any changes that has caused the wp CRON to reset, it could result in scheduled tasks stop running. This tool allows you to reschedule the CRON jobs this plugin uses to sync your product data.


Tool: Delete Data

By default when you uninstall this plugin, your product data is not removed. This tool can be used to delete your data before you uninstall, in order to keep your database clean. You can also use this tool to delete all existing data for testing customizations or if you want to start out with a fresh installation.


Removing your data is an action that can not be undone!
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