Uninstalling the Plugin

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Keeping Data

Disabling and removing the plugin from your WordPress installation will NOT remove your product related data! This way, you can always safely re-install the plugin if needed.

To uninstall this plugin, simply go to the Plugins page in your wp-admin area and select first to Disable the plugin (if not disabled already) and then select to Delete. This will remove the plugin files from your server.


Removing Data

If you would like to uninstall the plugin AND remove all product related data that the plugin might have saved in your database, you would need to use the Clean up tool BEFORE you remove the plugin.

In your wp-admin area, go to the “Tools” page and select “request.st” in the sub menu.
Here select “Delete request.st Data”. This will remove all data from the database. Once completed, the plugin can be removed as described above.


Removing your data is an action that can not be undone!
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